Sacred Mountain Farms

Alpaca FarmWelcome to Sacred Mountain Farms website, we are a small multi-purpose farm, but we do have some specialties that we take some great pride in. Our farm is located in beautiful Highland County, Ohio near the town of Leesburg.


At our farm we raise some beautiful alpacas, who we use their fiber for making some beautiful hand made products that we sell. Our alpaca farm currently has 9 alpacas, with one more on the way this fall. We are looking forward to welcoming our new addition to our alpaca farm and if anyone would like to know when the cria, which is what a baby alpaca is called, is born we would encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter.


In addition to raising alpacas at our farm, we have a flock of 35 laying hens, which give us anywhere from a half dozen to a dozen and a half eggs each day. The hens are protected by 2 roosters who love them dearly and ensure their flock is well taken care of and protected from the hawks who like to fly over our property at various times of the day.


While the chickens definitely outnumber our other birds, we raise ducks for eggs and turkeys for eggs and meat. The turkeys that we raise are heritage breed turkeys and their meat tends to be more tender and better tasting than the traditional birds that we have raised. The chickens, turkeys, and ducks are all free ranged on our property and can roam over most of the yard, except the garden.


We do have one animal that we often refer to as the queen of our farm and that is Hamela. As you can gather Hamela is a pig, but she is more than a pig as she is a registered sow as a Large Black Hog. She is more of a pet than a meal, but she is the one who loves greeting all the visitors to the farm.


Thank you again for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy your time visiting our alpaca farm’s website and enjoy seeing our other animals. Just remember we will be at various farmers markets, craft shows, and open for visits by appointment. So make sure you come out and check out all of our latest products and if you want to meet the animals make your appointment to come out to the farm today.

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