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August 11, 2015 Tobit Baby BootiesBaby Products

Baby BootiesA baby is a blessing in so many ways. However, for a lot of people it is very difficult to shop for the baby who has not been born yet and at times it is impossible for you to select the right products for the baby. This is especially true if you are the grandparent for the new baby because you want to get them only the top quality items, which means paying a pretty penny for the items.

What makes it even worse is the fact that when you do look at these items, you could end up paying more money for them than what you expected. However, when you do this, you know that your grandchild, child, niece, nephew, or even friend’s baby is going to get the best quality product around. This is especially true of the baby booties that we offer at Sacred Mountain Farms.

Our baby booties are made from 100% alpaca and are extremely soft and warm. With these booties, which we used on our own kids the babies will have warm feet and have an item that is soft on their skin. How often have you gotten a pair of socks for your baby and started to ask yourself how they can be comfortable with the roughness of the sock on the inside? With the alpaca products, especially baby booties, you will not be asking yourself this question. Instead, you will be asking if you can get a pair of these for yourself for the winter months, which is possible.


Alpaca baby booties have been shown to be warmer than wool, but does not have the itchy impact that so many people have come to hate with wool. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, which is what makes them such a great product, but this is going to make it safe for babies as well. Something else that is nice is these booties, just like all alpaca products are free of the lanolin oils as the alpaca does not have these oils in their fiber.

If you want to have a great product for your new baby, make sure you look at the alpaca baby booties. These booties are hand crocheted and will not only provide your baby with warmth, but also with a feeling of love as well. These are available for boys or girls. If you have a specific color in mind please email us at to see if we have the colors available.

Brown alpaca baby bootiesAlpaca Baby Booties


alpaca baby booties

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