Alpaca Gala A Grand Event

August 16, 2012 Tobit Alpaca Care

Ahh life is grand on the farm. We are getting everything moved around and ready to go. What are we getting ready to go to you may be asking, is the Alpaca Gala. We have never been to the gala before, but the lady we bought our alpaca from says it is a great place to go and sell many alpaca goods at. I have to tell you, we are definitely looking forward to this because it is great to meet other people who love Alpaca.


Thankfully we will be with our friends who sold us the Alpaca from Alpaca Paradise. I know they are going to really help us in getting to know more of the farmers with the Alpaca craze and help us expand even more then what we already are. Hopefully you will all read our blog as it will soon be adding in more products to sell and these can easily provide you with more items that you will want to wear or use on a regular basis.


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