Alpaca Soap Sleeves

August 18, 2015 Tobit Soap Sleeves

Soap Sleeves Body soap is one of those items that everyone needs to use on a daily basis, but it never seems to last a long period of time. I know for me it was getting pretty darn expensive to buy soap each time that the bars would run out, but that is because I love goats milk soap and tend to get it from Abt Farms, who have some great soap. To avoid the soap seemingly wasting away overnight, though, I decided to do something. The thing that I decided to do is to make some soap sleeves out of alpaca.

The soap sleeves that we have made are made in completely natural colors, to prevent bleeding of any dyes. We have tried some of the dyed colors in the past, but we can tell you from experience and talking with some of our customers that it does not work out very well. So we have decided to use only the natural colors now for the soap sleeves or holders that we have available.

When you go to use these sleeves you will find they are going to help you in keeping the soap in the bar for a longer period of time, but also going to allow the soap to dry off without the soap running down the drain. I mean, if you look at your soap it literally looks like it is going to go away because it is so wet and running off into the soap dish or in the drain. With the sleeves it will be easier for you to keep the soap from draining off and into the drain. So you will need to consider this because it is going to help you in getting a longer life span out of your soaps.


Soap SleevesThese alpaca soap sleeves are made from 100% alpaca and do have a little string to tie closed after you have put the soap in the sleeve. These sleeves will need to be soaked quite a bit the first time that you do go to use it to help get the water through the alpaca and you will need to get the soap suds up pretty good. However, after the sleeves have been put onto the soap bars you will want to use just the sleeve as a wash cloth if you want to or you can scrub the soap onto a wash cloth. In our experience using these at the farm it is best to scrub your body with the alpaca soap sleeve. Make sure you order yours today and enjoy saving money on your soap and have some great skin.



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