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August 6, 2015 Tobit Alpaca Dryer BallsDryer Balls

Dryer balls made from alpaca

Dryer balls are one of those items that people tend to think about buying, but never get around to getting or cannot overcome the confusion that these present. What you need to realize is a dryer ball is nothing more than a tool to help you in getting your clothes dried off faster than what you realize, but also helps you in getting to have in my experience a nice and fluffy type of clothing and pillows.

With that being said, some people will think about getting the rubber dryer balls. However, I have to say you need to look at the alpaca dryer balls, sometimes you will see these going by the name alpaca wool dryer balls, alpaca fiber dryer balls or alpaca balls. Each of these are names that we have been asked about the name for in the Loveland Farmers Market. Here is what makes the alpaca dryer balls completely different than any of the other dryer balls on the market.

Alpaca fiber, itself is hypoallergenic and does not hold odors. Now think about that for a minute when you are considering your purchase of dryer balls. Most of the time you will find some of the dryer balls can leave a rubber type of smell behind, but some will make you itchy. With the alpaca fiber, since our products here at Sacred Mountain Farms, uses 100% alpaca in this one it does not have the rubber scent left behind, but also does not leave behind any of the allergens that people may have issues with when they use a sheep wool dryer ball.


Scenting of the dryer balls is another question that we get asked about quite a bit. While some people want the scented dryer balls, which is perfectly fine, we sell the vast majority of ours unscented because the scent would wear off with all of the markets and shows that we attend. However, to scent your alpaca dryer ball all that you would need to do is take about 7 drop of essential oils and put them on the ball. That tends to provide enough oil on the dryer balls to have their scent last for a long period of time, but if the scent does get weak you can rescent them as needed with the oils.

The materials that are used in the alpaca dryer balls is 100% alpaca fiber. We do not dye the fiber with chemical dyes and we do not put any wool or synthetic yarn in the dryer balls. Make sure you order yours today and enjoy your dryer balls!

As always if you have any questions feel free to email us at, but if you want to place your order please feel free to go ahead. We ship via USPS and it will arrive at your door shortly. Please note these do make great gifts, work wonders in the dryer, and if they get used up can be put out for birds for nesting materials, but it does take a long time for the dryer ball to be completely used.


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