Alpacas In Winter – How Do Alpacas Fair In Winter

December 20, 2016 Tobit Alpaca Care

Discover How Alpacas Do In Winter

Winter has come upon us and if you have a weekend like we did this past winter you often get asked how do your animals do in the cold. Well, the short answer is the alpaca come from Peru and the region of Peru they come from is rather cold. So they tend to welcome the cold weather that we get and they often think the weather as it gets colder is more welcoming for them as an animal. With that being the case, we are going to answer the age old question that we get all the time on how do the alpacas do in the winter months and the quick reply is very well, but here is a more in depth answer.

Alpacas Have Fur Coats

This is one thing that people tend to overlook and that is the fact the alpacas have a fur coat! Think about all the alpacas that you see in the pastures, they look like they are a giant puffed marshmallow walking around. That is because the typical alpaca, if they are shorn in the middle of April will have about an inch or two inches of fiber on the smaller side of the animals of fiber. That wraps around their entire body, which helps to keep them warm.

A good way to look at this is to think about when you are wearing a coat. It is usually going to have some type of fill inside of the coat. This generally is going to be made from synthetic materials, but in some cases you will have a duck coat or even a down feather coat. So you will enjoy the fact that the alpacas are essentially wearing a coat each time they go out. With that coat it is going to make it easier for you to see the alpacas are going to stay warm all the time.


What About Alpaca Food In Winter

Now this is very interesting because a lot of people think they tend to eat more in the middle of winter because they are bored. However, this is not always the case as you may find that you are going to want to increase the food to help keep your body warm. Yes, winter is cold and you are usually stuck inside, but your body needs to have more energy to stay warm, even if you are staying inside. So you will find this is the same for the alpacas as well as they are going to have a tendency to eat more food as well and this will make it easier for the alpacas to stay warm in the middle of the winter.

Protection From The Winter For The Alpacas

When the wind starts to whip up the alpacas may end up heading into the barn. That is the protection that is present for the alpaca from the elements. However, you will find that it can be hard to lure them into the barn at times as they do enjoy staying outside all night. This is very true when it starts to have some cold air coming in that is going to have a clear night. For some reason the alpacas love to sit outside and look at the stars, which I guess would be like most of us on a summer night, but they like to do it in the middle of the night in winter for some reason. The protection that is offered for the alpacas though is a barn and a lean to. This way they do have the option to go out of the weather if they want to.

Alpaca and winter are a couple of terms that seem to go hand in hand. Yes the alpacas are a great animal for the winter months, but what is even better is the fact that these animals are great all year round with a fan. So when you go to ask your farmer friend how the alpaca do in winter, you need to realize the answer is they wear a fur coat all the time that is about an inch or two thick most of the time.


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