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What To Consider When Selecting Chicken Breeds

April 4, 2017 Tobit Chicken Care

Planning On Buying Chickens – Learn Some Things To Consider Buying new chickens is something that a lot of people do because they get swept into all the cuteness that is in the stores when they are walking through the feed stores. The problem is with all the cuteness comes a lot of responsibility and […]


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How Much Does It Cost For Eggs On The Farm

March 1, 2017 Tobit Chicken Care

Discover The Cost Of Eggs For The Farmer We own an alpaca farm, but to be honest our first livestock animal was the gateway animal that everyone complains about, the chicken. Yes, the chicken was the first type of livestock that we owned and we can tell you from experience that once you start to […]


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Chicken Wire It Is Up

June 14, 2013 Tobit Chicken CarePoultry Care

Chicken wire is the type of wire you have to use to keep your chickens contained. I have to admit, we did not have a lot of chicken wire on our property and this was easy to spot each day as our ducks made their daily trip to the creek. However, I am proud to […]


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Why Chickens Are A Great Option

May 18, 2013 Tobit Chicken Care

Often when people are looking at getting some birds for their backyard, they will look at finches, or parrots. However, these birds, while they are a great animal to have if you want to have some musical overtones in your yard do not provide you with any eggs. Having farm fresh eggs, though, is one […]


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