Chicken Wire It Is Up

June 14, 2013 Tobit Chicken CarePoultry Care

Chicken wire is the type of wire you have to use to keep your chickens contained. I have to admit, we did not have a lot of chicken wire on our property and this was easy to spot each day as our ducks made their daily trip to the creek. However, I am proud to say we took and made a strong investment in our farm, 750 feet of chicken wire. I know that may not sound like it is a huge investment, but when the chicken wire was going for about 25 bucks a bale, then it was expensive.

The good news is, the chicken wire we installed managed to keep our ducks in the pasture finally. This is actually great news because it means we do not have to worry about them going in the road either and living on a state route it is rather nerve racking seeing your animals on the road. Something else this has allowed us to do is to get our chickens out on the entire pasture land as well.


With the chickens roaming the pasture for the past couple of days we noticed one huge difference in the yard. The difference we have noticed is the bug population. Yes, the bug population is something which has dropped dramatically. We can now go outside and be able to stand and watch the boys without being bugged at all.

Chicken wire, yes it is a pain to put up and can leave you with quite a few marks on your hands. However, with our chickens proudly patrolling our yard now and the ducks staying in the yard, it was well worth the pain. I am no longer worried about the ducks walking outside and the chickens are having a great time going through the entire pasture.


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