Fall Is Coming At The Alpaca Farm

September 23, 2013 Tobit Farm Fun

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year here on the Alpaca farm. I know we generally love the smell of the fall air coming in, but it also means quite a bit of work as it is time to get the gardens taken care of. The garden this year was actually quite a bit harder to take care of because it was larger than we normally plant. However, the tractor made quick work of getting the plants removed. However, here is what else is going on at the alpaca farm in Leesburg, Ohio.


Tearing The Garden Out


One of the things we had to do was tear out the garden from the summer. This was a task which took a couple of days, but it did lead to us finding some additional harvest. However, most of the plants which were present in this were bad and we had to give them to the pig. Thankfully she managed to eat all of the produce we normally would have wasted and had to get rid of in the compost bin or the garbage bin.


Watching The Hamlets


The hamlets is the little piglets that Hamela, our pig, decided to bless us with. We have been watching them here at the farm and seeing them grow. Something about watching little babies grow up and be bigger is always exciting. Even if the animals growing are the baby pigs.



Chickens Keep On Laying Eggs


The chickens are one of the pride and joy of the farm. As any of our loyal readers know we have heritage breed laying hens. These hens are still trucking along with laying eggs and have provided us with close to a dozen eggs everyday for the summer months and even into the early fall months. If you are interested in buying eggs from us please let us know, we sell our eggs for $3.50 a dozen.


Turkeys Are Getting Closer To Harvesting


Our turkeys are starting to get rather large at the farm and hopefully we will have a couple of them ready for Thanksgiving. This is the first time we have raised turkeys, but we did get 10 heritage breed turkeys who can reproduce naturally. So we are planning on keeping a mating pair of turkeys for next year to put into our incubator. Then we can raise the turkeys on the farm ourselves and not have to worry about the hatchery cost.


Brandy Is Most Likely Pregnant


One of the most important things to have at the alpaca farm is a constantly growing reproduction of animals. We are happy to announce we are fairly certain Brandy is pregnant and she is probably going to have her baby next year. This is going to be a great growth for us at the farm and we have to admit we are definitely looking forward to her getting bigger and becoming a mother for us.


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