Farmers Markets A Great Way To Meet People

May 26, 2013 Tobit Farm Fun

Well, the new market is doing really well. We are selling at the Deefield Township Farmers market on Saturday mornings for now and I have to say these markets are a great way to meet new people. I know the people who come out to this market are very happy and satisfied with what the market has to offer. A great thing we have learned about the markets is you can meet your customers and know them on a personal level.



The interaction you get with the customers is something you may never see if you are not in direct sales, but for us the markets are great. We get to know our customers get to find out more of what they are looking for. However, we also get to form a connection with our customers and at times have them out for a farm visit. Neither myself nor my business partner dread the farm visits, instead we welcome the people to come to our farms to see how the animals are raised and treated.


A key point everyone needs to remember is just how well the farmers markets allow you to interact with the farmers. When you are able to interact with the farmers or their employees you can start to know more about the animals and the methods which are used to grow plants. Just remember when you are shopping at a farmers market you are looking directly at the person who is raising or growing the food you eat or the clothing you wear. So you will know exactly where these items are coming from.


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