Farmers Markets – In Winter!

January 29, 2013 Tobit Farm Fun

I am sure many people are curious about what happens when the farmers markets start to wind down. Well, to be honest if you know where to look the farmers markets never really go away in the middle of winter. Instead, they just start to slow down to the point that you are able to catch your breath and in the case of some vendors take a vacation from the markets. However, we do not take the vacation, instead we find winter farmers markets to attend and here is some of the reasons we decided to attend these markets.

The first reason we attend the winter markets is a lot of our products are geared more towards the cooler weather. Granted, we do have some items which are great for summer use and year round use, but who is going to wear a scarf in the middle of summer. Not many people I know will be wearing the scarves then, but in winter they are wearing them and if they are not wearing them, then they are most certainly buying them.

The second reason we have opted to keep attending the farmers markets in the middle of winter is to keep in touch with our customer base. Since we are selling at the markets only and off of our website for now, we have to maintain our customer base. With the markets it provides us with a great chance to stay in touch with them and gain some new customers as well.


The third reason we are going to continue to sell at the winter farmers markets is they are full of other vendors. Granted a lot of the vendors you see during the summer months are not around all the time. However, you can find some great vendors at the markets as well. For example at the Madeira Winter Farm Stand, you will find vendors who have fresh meat, eggs, micro greens, and even fresh produce for you to buy. So you can see this is a great way for you to get all of your fresh foods quickly and easily from one place. Not only that some markets like the Loveland Farmers Market we sell at are only every other week which makes it easy for us to get stuff done around the farm as well.

Winter Farmers Markets may not seem like they would be a great idea. However, if you were to see some of these markets and talk to some of the vendors you can see just how great these are. Then you will not mind going to the Winter Farmers Markets anymore. Instead, you will get the top quality produce straight from the farmers and know the food you are eating is produced locally, instead of being shipped in from across the country.


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