Find A Following You Can Love

December 29, 2016 Tobit Farm Fun

Find A Following You Can Love

A following is often considered a group of people that are willing to follow you into almost anything. This is not a blind trust, at least you would hope not. Instead, it is a following that you are going to gain from people who are going to go behind you to see what you have going on and follow what you say and do. Normally this following is a good thing, but in some cases it can be a bad influence as well because it only takes on person to say that you gave them some bad advice and it can start to spread some of the followers and that is going to make it difficult for you to get the followers to trust you.

What Type Of Following Can You Get On A Farm?

The following on a farm is going to vary and is something that you will want to know about. the primary following that anyone is going to look for on a farm is the visitors who are coming out to the farm and the customers who are buying items. Every farm loves those types of followers and that is something that we love here at Sacred Mountain Farms as well. So this is a definite thing that we love with the farm that we are running. This is the first type of followers that any type of farm is going to welcome and want to have quite a few of.

The other type of following that you can have on the farm, not a grain based farm with large machinery, is the animals. We tend to have a following from the animals quite a bit and that is something that we really have learned to love on the farm. We get to hear the little pitter of the chickens feet as they are going across the pavement as they are running after us. the other thing that we have grown used to is hearing the hum of the alpaca as they are waiting on us at the food bowls in the morning as well. the best following that we have is the pig who is pacing back and forth. While she is waiting for us to bring her the food in the morning. Her constant rumbling sounds, yes, she rumbles not oinks, is something that we have come to love.


With the larger grain farmers they tend to have a following as well. They have some followers who are the farm visitors, tractor junkies, but even the mechanics. The mechanics are one of the followers who loves seeing the grain farmers. That is definitely not part of the following that you would want to have when you are a grain farmer, but unfortunately the equipment does quite a bit of work and they do break down even with the most pristine care that the farmers give it.

Why We Love The Followings

Now this is the important question to get answered right away. The main reason we love our following is because they are the people or animals that help keep our farm going. The animals provide the products the farm needs to have for the other part of the following and that is the customers who help take any of the products a farm produces to help keep the farm in business.


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