Got Pumpkins? Learn How To Prepare Them

October 8, 2016 Tobit Preserving Advice

Discover What To Do With Pumpkins

PumpkinsPumpkins are one of those items that are a great decorative item that a lot of people put on their porch and never really know what they can do with the pumpkin itself. However, when you live on a farm like, Sacred Mountain Farms, we do use some pumpkins for decoration, but we also take some of the pumpkins that we have and make them into pumpkin.

Yes, we know that you can buy canned pumpkin from the store, but in our experience it does not have the full flavor and richness that you would expect to have with the pumpkins. With that being the case we have decided to go out and really process our own pumpkin for either freezing or canning. Here is what you can do with pumpkin and how you can process it to get the best food possible.


ans Carved PumpkinsObviously you can carve the pumpkins and use them as decorations. This is what we do with some of the pumpkins, but I can tell you that we only put out maybe five or six each year as a decoration. That is because we know how valuable the pumpkins are to us as food. So we do carve some pumpkins because the kids love to have the pumpkins available to carve. However, we tend to use most of our pumpkins for food and that is what we are going to talk about next.

Preserving For Food

Eating pumpkin in the middle of winter sometimes means going to the store and picking up a pumpkin can and bringing it home. While we can do that, we do not like to do that because we do not know where the pumpkins came from and we do not know what type of pumpkin is being used. In fact, a lot of times the pumpkins are considered a type of squash almost. So this can be upsetting and would definitely affect the taste of the food.

Pumpkin Pie

To avoid this situation we tend to bake off the pumpkins and make sure they are processed into preserves. This makes it easier for us to preserve the food and guarantee that it is going to be ready for us to use at any point in the year. Then we will not have to go to the store and rely on their pumpkins. Instead, we just have to go to our jars or the freezer and pull out the fresh, pure, and full of sugar pumpkin that we grew in our own garden.


What Do You Do With The Leftover Pumpkins? 

This is a great question and one that we are going to answer here. The thing that we tend to do with most of the pumpkin leftovers is we take the seeds and bake them off for pumpkin seeds. Some of the seeds we do preserve for the following year for pumpkin seeds. However, we like to eat pumpkin seeds and so does a parrot that we know. So we bake off the seeds and share them with the parrot and with our own family to eat.

With the pumpkin shell and the guts that we cannot use we take and give them to our hog. When she is around we are able to have all of the pumpkin that we would have left over disposed of. So we do not have to be concerned about the pumpkin going to waste at all. What is even better for her is pumpkin is a natural dewormer for some of the worms. So we do not have to give her any worming medication.

At times we will find that even for a hog she does get tired of having the same food all the time. When this happens we take the pumpkin and put it into the compost bin. While it can take quite a while for the pumpkin to break down we will put some of our worms in the pumpkin if we grew them. Then this is going to speed the process along, but also give us some great vermicompost to use the next summer in the garden.

Now you know what we do with pumpkins and in the future we are going to share how we do some of this work. Then you can start to get your own pumpkins and know that you will not have to buy the canned stuff from the store, but also know that you are going to have a great time in getting the best quality pumpkin around. Once you have tried making your own pumpkin and have it processed properly, you will not want to go back to any of the other pumpkin that you have tried before.



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