Hamela Has Babies

August 16, 2013 Tobit Hog Care And Information

Large Black Hog PigletsHamela, our large black hog, has decided she did like a boar at some point in time. She ended up blessing us with five baby piglets early Wednesday morning. The downside is one of the piglets was a still born, and one of them passed away later on in the day. Hamela still has three babies who have decided to call her mom. These piglets are doing like kids all over the place and driving their parents crazy.


Even with the unexpected babies, life on the farm has been going on. In fact, we have our girls at the farm as well and one of them is pregnant and due in the spring. The garden is also in full force and looks to be providing us with a ton of produce this year. We already harvested a couple of pumpkins this year, which shocked almost all of us on the farm. Then again, the temperatures have been cool at night so it would make sense to get some type of pumpkin production.



We did have one major problem here recently and it was with raccoons getting into the corn, but now they have eaten all the corn we had so they are leaving us alone. Thankfully we are not going to have any type of problems with them anymore because they have eaten almost all of the corn.


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