Why Hamela – The Large Black Hog – Is The Queen Of The Farm

June 14, 2017 Tobit Hog Care And Information

Learn About Hamela Our Spoiled Large Black Hog

Large Black Hog Hamela Getting Her Waller Filled UpAs a lot of you know, we have Hamela, our large black hog. However, the weather has recently started to warm up as the month of June as went on. Since this is the case a lot of people have started to ask how exactly are we going to help in keeping her cool and what are we going to do do for her. Well, the answer actually comes very easily and we have pictures of her being spoiled by the kids and this is exactly what she gets on a regular basis during the summer months to help keep her cool and to make her summer a fun one as well.

Water Is Key

Now you know that the animals get fed daily, but one item that a lot of people overlook is the requirement of fresh water. Yes, all of our animals have large black buckets for the water, but for Hamela she has something extra. She has her own little waller that she digs into each day. However, a key thing that she loves is having water that is going to be put in the waller on a daily basis. Since this is the case we have decided it was time to put the water into the waller each and every day. Thankfully we were able to catch some pictures of us doing this the other day.

Filling Up The Waller

This is something that we love doing for her. While it is nice to have her water bucket filled up, she loves having some nice fresh mud to lay down in and relax. Since that is the case and the fact the day these pictures were taken the temperature was ninety degrees outside my son decided it was time to go out and fill up her waller and of course soak himself in the process  like most kids! So he decided since he was going to be getting the waller filled up while cooling himself off at the same process.


Hamela The Large Black Hog

What Else Helps Keep Hamela Cool? 

When Hamela is in a good mood she does like having her back sprayed off. This is a great thing because she does enjoy it. However, she only enjoys it for short burst and not going to be done on a regular basis. So this helps out in getting the hog completely cooled off and away from the heat. This is very true when she decides to to go out and just scoop out her waller a little bit deeper to get down a little bit deeper. In fact, she even will sit down in her waller if it is deep enough. What is even better is you can see when it will be a very warm day when she completely buries herself in the waller and all you see is her nose sticking out of water and mud.

Do All The Animals Get The Same Treatment? 

Yes! All of our animals get cooled off as much as possible when it is really warm in the middle of summer. The alpacas as you will see in a couple of weeks in our next update get their legs sprayed off. We cannot really spray the backs of the alpaca because it will cause the fleece to be rotted. So we are going to cover the cooling off of the alpacas in the middle of summer to help them in getting to avoid the heat. n summer

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