Health Benefits Of Alpaca Shearing

April 25, 2014 Tobit Alpaca Care

Alpaca Shearing Is It Necessary?

Alpaca before shearing

Alpaca as cute and furry as they are do require one annual thing to be completed to guarantee they remain healthy. The one thing that all alpaca require each year is shearing. While this may not seem like it is that big of a deal, the shearing actually is one of the biggest deals for an alpaca. What a lot of people do not realize, is the numerous health benefits of having the alpaca shorn each year. Here are some of the common health benefits that people enjoy seeing when the alpaca get sheared.

Health Benefits Of Alpaca Shearing

  1. Removal of the heavy fleece that is on their backs. You may not think about this, but the alpaca are basically growing a massive fur coat. This coat, just like our sweaters keeps the alpaca warm in winter, but come summer time we are able to take off our sweaters. However, the alpaca cannot take off their heavy coats on their own and they do not even shed the coat like the dogs do. So the shearing is going to take and remove this heavy coat the alpaca are carrying around each day.
  2. Provides easier ways to assess the animals body condition. Typically people do not think about this, but when the alpaca have all of their fleece on, it is very difficult to visibly inspect the animals body condition. With the fleece being removed from the alpaca, it allows for easier inspection of the animal with just a visible check and this allows for the owner to know of any problem the animal may have before it becomes a crisis issue.
  3. Removes any fiber that may have been irritating the animals. Yes, when you are having the alpaca sheared, you are going to remove the tufts of fleece that have been bugging the alpaca. When you remove the fleece you are going to find your alpaca will be getting rid of the tufts that had been bugging them and this allows your alpaca to be more comfortable than what you normally would see them acting.
  4. If the top knot of the alpaca is cut shorter it makes it easier for the alpaca to see. I know for one of my alpaca his top knot has a tendency to grow over his eyes to the point we have to go out and cut it back with scissors on our own. With the shearer they are able to cut the top knot back and make it easier for the alpaca to see where they are going.

How Often Should Alpaca Be Sheared

Shearing alpaca may seem like it is a task that should be done on a regular basis and it is. However, for a lot of people they are actually shocked at how often the alpaca shearing takes place. In most of the areas, except in the Southern United States the shearing of the alpaca takes place once a year. Typically the shearing is going to take place in the spring and before the summer heat really hits. So the alpaca farms are all going to look a little funny in the middle of summer as the alpaca are going to be sheared clean of their fleece and this makes them look hilarious.

Alpacas are a great animal to raise, but you need to realize alpaca do need to be sheared each year. However, what many people do not realize is how the shearing provides some of the health benefits that the alpaca need to have. Once you realize this, it is going to be easy for you to see just why the alpacas need to be sheared each year.



If you have never seen an alpaca getting sheared you will find this YouTube video rather enjoyable.


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