Love Is In The Air

May 31, 2013 Tobit Alpaca Care

Woodford finally had a date with Brandy the other day. The date would go, umm, well I would say rather well. They seemed to have hit it off really well with Woodford singing sweet nothings to her. Woodford would have a great time, but I do have to tell you watching them chase each other around in the pastures was rather funny. However, Woodford would actually see that Brandy was a girl and there for him right away. Blackjack and Pal, would be locked into a different pasture during the date, but they did supervise from a distance.



Contrary to what we all thought, including Anne from Alpaca Paradise, the boys did not go back into the pasture and fight with each other. Instead, the boys just ended up going right back into the barn. It was rather interesting in the next day as Woodford would be laying in the pasture humming and looking for Brandy. However, he just does not know it yet, but she is actually coming back to the house hopefully on Friday morning. When she does come back it will be for a second “date”. All I have to say is when he was told that she would most likely be coming back on Friday he was rather excited. Something tells me that tomorrow love will be in the air again.


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