How We Make Sweet Tea

May 30, 2017 Tobit Recipes

How We Make Sweet Tea At Sacred Mountain Farms

Brewing Sun Tea On DeckSummer is coming and it tends to get really hot around the farm. However, we do not want to drink a lot of pop or other beverages. The one that we really like is water or sweet tea. Sometimes we will use lemonade, but even then we are not eating that all the time. With that being said, we like to drink sweet tea quite a bit and that makes it quite a bit easier for us to have a good drink that we can drink time and time again. One question that we do get asked quite a bit, though, is how do you make your sweet tea? I do not see an electric tea maker anywhere in your kitchen. Usually we explain the process to everyone, but this time we have decided to make a blog post telling how we make our sweet tea so you can replicate it at your home.

Making The Tea

This is the easy part because all you have to do is take your favorite tea bags, we use Lipton’s tea New Price: (as of 07/14/2017 16:42 UTC) for ours. Depending on the size of the bags you will put the number of bags you want in your pitcher. We use a gallon sized pitcher with the smaller tea bags that you find at your local Kroger or Walmart. Yes, we know they do have gallon size bags, but I really do not like those bags and avoid getting them as much as possible.

With our gallon jugs we will take and fill them to about the top of the label if they are the round pitcher. I am not sure of the exact measurement, but it is between 3/4 and the top of the jug for the water with the tea bags. Then we put the lid on it and allow the tea to sit out on the porch for several hours. The more sun you have the less time this will take and the faster you can get your tea done. A typical sunny day in Spring or Summer will see the tea being done in under 2 hours. Remember the darker the tea color the stronger the tea and the more antioxidants and tea flavor you will have.


After the tea is done brewing on the deck, we generally take and get the tea bags out of the tea while the sugar mixture is heating up. Now the key thing that we forgot to mention is when you are putting the tea bags into the water, try to tie them together and have the tea bags ties hanging over the edge so the lid holds them in place. Then you just have to grab the strings and get them pulled out of the tea pitcher. One thing else that we do is we like to get all the flavor we can so we squeeze the tea bags out when we have pulled the bags out and before throwing them in the garbage.

Sugar Mixture For The Sweet Tea

This really depends on the size of the pitcher that you are using, but for us with a 1 gallon pitcher of tea we like to use a 50/50 mixture of sugar and water. So for the gallon we will typically take 2 cups of sugar, the domino sugar works great for us, and we will boil 2 cups of water as well. We use our Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle BELLA 1.2L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle with detachable base and boil dry protection New Price: $43.83 Old Price: $43.83 (as of 07/14/2017 16:42 UTC) to get the water warmed up. We wait the entire time for the kettle to get the water warm. Then once the kettle has turned off we will take and pour 2 cups of water into the already measured out sugar. It is important to leave the sugar in the measuring cup so you can mix it with the boiling water.

After the boiling water has been added in the sugar we stir the sugar up completely. After the sugar has been stirred in completely we then take and dump the sugar into the tea. This has now sweetened the tea and you have successfully made your own sweet tea. It is very easy to make your own sweet tea and this will help you out in avoiding having to drink a lot of the pop and other items that have quite a few ingredients compared to the simple sweet tea that a lot people enjoy.

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