How Much Does It Cost For Eggs On The Farm

March 1, 2017 Tobit Chicken Care

Discover The Cost Of Eggs For The Farmer

Meadow the Americuna ChickenWe own an alpaca farm, but to be honest our first livestock animal was the gateway animal that everyone complains about, the chicken. Yes, the chicken was the first type of livestock that we owned and we can tell you from experience that once you start to get chickens and taste the difference of the eggs you will want to move up to other animals for your farm. That is how we ended up with the alpaca and Hamela. The main reason a lot of farms have chickens is they want fresh eggs or meat. In this article, we are going to cover the cost of getting eggs from our chickens from the perspective of a single egg.

Breed Selection Time

This is one aspect of chicken eggs that a lot of people tend to overlook and that is the time investment to get to the egg laying birds. Now this cost is going to be more of your time of hours of research to find the best laying birds for your home, but also to find the breeds that will lay the eggs you are going to want to eat each morning. The time investment can vary from a few short hours to taking an entire week to figure out the birds that you want to have.

Barn And Property Cost

When you are looking at this aspect you need to realize it can be the expensive portion. So we are going to assume that you already have this taken care of, but if not then you will need to realize this is a capital improvement on your property so it will take some factors to consider this, but it will definitely be something to take into account for the birds, but realize it will take quite a bit longer to estimate the cost of the eggs with a barn.

Cost Of Getting The Chickens

This is going to vary depending on the breed of the chicken you have decided to get. However, you will find most of the time the birds are going to cost you about three dollars a bird. So this will be a factor to consider, but as far as the eggs you are going to get you need to realize it will vary. So the cost of the birds will vary, but over time unless you get under 400 eggs from your chickens they will only add a penny or so to the cost. So the birds we will use a .01 price.

Feed Cost For The Chickens

Feed cost will vary depending on multiple factors that you have to consider. However, for us we go to the local mill and get their egg layer product. The feed cost is 10.5 a bag for a 50 pound bag. This works down to the cost of the bag to .215 cents a pound. Most of your chickens on average will eat 2 pounds of feed a week. So you will see your birds are going to eat roughly .43 cents of feed per week. In that time frame you can assume, if your birds are of age of getting 6 eggs safely. Some birds will give you 7 eggs, but others only give you 5. So that is why we opted to go for the 6 eggs which seems to be a safe average. Water cost is going to be less than a penny, but for people who are saying we forgot an aspect of the feed cost we will include a penny for water each week.

Total Cost Factors

Birds are going to be a .01 cents per bird.


Feed for a week – .44 cents per week including the cost of water. The egg cost is .07 cents per egg at this rate.

Housing and other items we will include a rate of .05 cents an egg to allow for upkeep and miscellaneous cost.

Total cost is .13 cents per egg on average.

Their are other outside factors that we did not list, but you need to realize these are factors that you usually would not see come up on a regular basis and are something that we have tried to factor in at the rate of .05 cents an egg.



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