Starting Seeds Indoors A Great Way To Garden

April 19, 2014 Tobit Gardening Advice

Seed Starting A Great Idea

Gardening or farming, depending on how large of a location you are running, is a great way to grow your own food and even provide extra food for your friends or neighbors. I know at our farm, we tend to garden each year and some people love our vegetables so much they want to know some of our secrets for getting the plants to grow big and strong each year. No, it does not involve the application of chemicals to the plants to make sure they grow. Instead, most of the time it involves taking time and starting seeds indoors to guarantee the plants are going to be strong enough to grow outdoors.

When we go to start our plants, we tend to get some dirt to help us start the plants off right. I am also sure most of you have seen the little greenhouses that you can buy at the store. Well, we have seen these as well and use these greenhouses because of the wind where we live. However, we are looking at getting our larger greenhouse set up later on this spring, which will save us quite a bit of space inside. However, I have seen some small farms who have the greenhouse like the one that is pictured and they have had great success with these at starting their seeds.

Starting your own seeds also has the benefit of knowing exactly where the plants are coming from. I know that in my experience whenever I bought plants from the store they always came home with some type of pest or they would always end up dying as soon as I got them in the ground. However, each time I have started my own seeds I have found that the plants are healthy and are coming into the ground pest free. So this is a win win for me and the garden.

Typically you also have more control over the variety of plants you grow when you start your own seeds. For me this is a great feature because I can avoid all the genetically modified plants and this means I can have more control over the food that I am growing. So this allows me to have the varieties that I want to have and not have to be concerned about the different items that I do not want to have.


Cost savings is something else I have found rather enjoyable when I start my own seeds. Plants from the store, even the local discount retail chain, tend to cost quite a bit of money. I mean I was at the local feed store the other day and they have flats of plants they are selling for over twelve bucks a flat. So I have to say this is rather pricey and not the thing that I want to spend my hard earned money on. This is when I started to explore the cost savings of growing my own seeds. When I started to grow my own seeds, it kept the cost down because all I had to pay for was the cost of the seed packs, starting soil, and pots to get the plants transplanted into.

Growing your own plants for your garden is very exciting, but a lot of people tend to overlook the enjoyment that can be found with starting their own seeds. When you start to grow your own plants from seed you are going to figure out just how exciting this can be and how it allows you to save quite a bit of money. Not only that, once you start to grow your own plants from seed you can have the enjoyment of knowing exactly where your food comes from.


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