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Alpaca Shearing – A Great Adventure

April 18, 2017 Tobit Alpaca Care

Alpaca Shearing Day A Great Time Alpaca are one of those animals that look like big puffy marshmallows in the pasture, but as any good alpaca owner will quickly realize this puffiness can easily lead to the animal getting overheated at times and even having some heat stress problems in the middle of summer. With […]


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Health Benefits Of Alpaca Shearing

April 25, 2014 Tobit Alpaca Care

Alpaca Shearing Is It Necessary? Alpaca as cute and furry as they are do require one annual thing to be completed to guarantee they remain healthy. The one thing that all alpaca require each year is shearing. While this may not seem like it is that big of a deal, the shearing actually is one […]


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