The Best Homemade Flea Bath For Dogs

October 26, 2015 Tobit Farm Fun

English Mastiff RunningLiving on a farm we have dogs, but with dogs you always have to deal with the pain of getting some of the unwanted pest that come with them and this includes fleas. Fleas are a horrible pest and for some reason this year, the flea medicine did not seem like it was working that well at all. I would literally spend hundreds of dollars on the flea medications that were over the counter and advertised as being one of the best on the market, but still had fleas. Since this is the case, I started to explore some of the different options on the homemade flea bath for dogs that I can use on my dogs and keep them without chemicals.

Ingredients Needed 

Before you even start on a homemade solution for your flea problem, you probably need to know about some of the ingredients that you will need to take care of the fleas. Thankfully, the solution that I found and am currently using is very easy to make and you may even have the ingredients that you need in your kitchen cabinets already. Here are the two ingredients that you need to have for your homemade flea bath.

– Dawn dish soap (original dawn)

– Iodized salt (available at grocery stores)

How To Make The Soap

Flea soapWhile you may be tempted to add water to this, you do not want to do this. You will put in some of the salt into a container and you will add in the Dawn dish soap. This is going to allow you to make almost like a paste, that you can see in the pictures here. So this is going to be something that you will want to make, but you need to realize you need to be careful on how much soap you put in because it is a delicate balance between the soap and the salt that is needed to avoid having it be to thin or even thick.

When you are making this paste up you will want to make sure you look at the ratio because you will have to duplicate this later on when you need to make some more of the scrub to use the next time you decide to give you dogs a bath. I know this is a mixture that will work great and helped my dogs, so it should help yours.

Using The Scrub

Flea scrubSince this is not like most of your flea soaps, you may need to know how to use this scrub because I can tell you the first time I used it, I was trying to figure it out and just decided to go out and start to use it and work out the details as I learned more.

The first step that you will need to do is make sure that you have all of your equipment ready for washing your dogs. In most cases this will include the hose or shower head, water, the scrub, and towels.


After you have assembled all of this gear, you should get your dog soaking wet, like you would with a normal bath. However, you will want to make sure they are not so wet that when you apply the scrub that it is just going to roll off of them.

When your dog has been soaked down, you will want to take the scrub that you have made and pick up a hand full of the scrub and then take and rub it all over your dog. You need to rub this down pretty deep for it to get all the way down into your dogs skin and into the coat.

After this has been in the coat for a few minutes, while you are working to get the water to rinse the dogs off it will soak into their coat. This is going to help kill off any of the eggs by disrupting their balance that is needed for the eggs to produce properly. Not only that the water and the Dawn soap combined is going to serve at killing off the buggers.

It is important to note that when you are rinsing your dogs off that you try to avoid getting any of the soap in the dogs eyes. Remember you just put a salt based scrub on your dogs and if you get it in their eyes it will burn. So you should use great care when you are rinsing your dogs head off to avoid getting any of this in their eyes.

After you have washed your dogs with this scrub, you should notice a great relief on their part like I did. When I did this, I noticed that their was a lot of fleas that were coming off of my dog right away, but also noticed the dogs were not itching as much after they had the flea scrub used on them.

 Final Thoughts From Sacred Mountain Farms

Fleas are a problem for almost any farm that has dogs or any type of animal actually. However, when you have dogs that you are bringing into your home and not just using as livestock guard dogs you will want to combat the fleas. If you are also like us you have probably spent a minor fortune on the flea medication that you can buy. Thankfully I found this homemade flea scrub that is easy to make and works! This is completely different than some of the other items I have used, but it definitely works and is easy to make. So I would definitely recommend using this on your dogs, all that you have to lose is some time, salt, and Dawn soap. All of these for helping your dog is going to be a good thing.

Salt and Dawn

The ingredients for the scrub and how it looked for me.


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