The Cost Of Raising Alpacas

February 22, 2017 Tobit Alpaca Care

How Much Does It Cost To Raise AlpacasĀ 

Alpacas are definitely one of those animals that you normally would not expect to see on a farm. However, they are an animal that is starting to grow in popularity. In fact, some of the animals are growing so much they are starting to cost owners quite a bit of money as they are unsure about the cost they are getting involved with. Since this is the case, you need to know about all the different costs that are associated with raising alpacas. Some of these costs are a one time expenses, but others are an ongoing expense the owner needs to be aware of.

One Time Expenses For Raising Alpaca

The barn is one of the first expenses that can cost you quite a bit of money. While you may think this is not going to be that much you need to realize it depends on the size of the barn you are getting and even the type of material you are having used to make the barn out of. Prices for the barns vary depending on where you live, but generally the price is pretty close all the time.

Fencing and gates are another one time expense you need to be concerned about as well. The fencing and post can actually rival the cost of the barn and depending on how much land you are getting fenced off can even cost more than what you would expect to see. It is important if you are getting fencing to look towards a horse type of fencing, which has smaller holes in the fence and lowers the the chance of your animals getting injured.

Healthcare Expenses And Maintenance Cost

Veterinary care is something you may want to consider doing once a year for each animal as a herd check. The cost may include some vaccinations, general well checks and even getting paperwork filled out at times for shows. The vet checks for the alpaca may have some emergency type of care as well. This can vary from something as simple as castration or pregnancy checks to the complex Caesarean surgeries that may be needed for a complex birth.

Maintenance cost can be something as simple as nail trimming, which is your time and possibly a pair of trimmers. However, the typical maintenance cost that will be associated with maintaining alpaca would be the shearing. The shearing needs to be done yearly on the Huacaya and every year if you have a Suri alpaca. So this definitely is an expense you need to take into consideration.


Ongoing Cost Of Alpaca

The ongoing cost of the alpaca is going to vary. However, the main expense is going to be the grain the alpaca need to have. You may have never thought about this before, but the feed cost is going to vary depending on the type of food you get and the quality. You will also notice some of the food cost will differ depending on where you buy it from as well.

Hay is something else you need to consider with your alpaca. With the hay the cost is a lot cheaper if you buy directly from a farmer. However, you will find the alpaca do need to have hay in the winter and depending on the health of your pasture all summer long as well. The hay cost will vary and depending on the quality of the hay will vary on how long a bale last you.

Water is another aspect that people would never expect to be a major issue, but this can be an issue you would need to think about. as well. The more alpaca you have the more water you would need for the animals. So water cost needs to be a concern as well.


Alpaca cost are going to vary depending on what you are raising. However, one thing you need to consider is the factors that are ongoing on a regular basis, but also the cost that are not as common as what you would think. All told these cost are the ones you should be aware of. Then you can start to get your alpaca and know exactly how much it is going to cost you to raise your alpaca.


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