Tip For Planting Your Green Beans

May 17, 2017 Tobit Vegetable Plants

Green Beans – A Garden Staple Advice For Planting And Growing

Green beans are one of those plants that almost every small garden in America will have. However, a common issue that people complain about is the fact the green bean plants always seem to lay on the ground and that means the beans are dirty and full of dirt. The main issue that people have is trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening, but also how to make planting very easy for you to do. With that being said, we are going to provide you with some of the advice that we use on our garden here at Sacred Mountain Farms.

Tips For Planting The Green Beans

Metal Garden Stake Pole For Green BeansProper preparation of the ground is going to be one of the main things you should be doing. If the ground is prepared properly it will be very easy for you to get the green bean seeds in the ground. However, even after tilling the garden, we are going to go a step further because our ground is very clay heavy and even after the tiller has been through the garden it tends to have the compact dirt still.

Now, you may think that we are only tilling the garden a single time. However, we are actually taking the tiller through the garden a couple of times with great passes being made each time. However, the dirt that we have is that much of a difficult thing to break because of the clay. So we definitely have to take that into account to make sure that we get the dirt prepared and get the seeds in the dirt.

Well, as you can tell we hate our hard soil so we have a solution to get the depth and the hole made for the seeds without hitting up a garden shovel. So we have one of the older garden stakes that used to have the reflective globes on the top of it that broke. The stake is made from metal and this makes it quite a bit easier for us to get the garden stake into the ground.

When we have this stake we are going to take and use the blunt point of it to drive it down into the ground. By doing this we create a hole in the ground. Now we do take and turn it to the sides to get the hole and make it easier for us to get the seed into the ground. When we have this hole it is going to be easier for us to get the seed into the ground.


How We Keep Our Green Beans Off The Ground

Homemade Green Bean Stakes Now this is a challenge for a lot of people because they are going to have some issues in getting the green beans off the ground because the plants get so heavy they tend to fall down onto the ground. Now we have a solution that we use to help in getting the beans off of the ground and we are going to share that here.

The first thing that we do is choose bush variety beans more than the pole beans. The bush beans that we have tend to work better because the plant is going to have a little bit of a stem that is going to grow it up into a bush. This allows the plant to have a great time growing because it will grow straight and this will make it easier for you to have a plant that is going to be working perfect for everything that you need, but if you are like our plants they will be heavy with beans after just a couple of days of blooming and touch the ground.

To prevent this from happening we have came up with our own type of makeshift garden trellis type of system for our green beans. This system is going to be easier for you to use because it is homemade as well. We go out and buy a bundle of the 1″x1″x8′ they usually have them at Home Depot in bundles of 12 for about 15 bucks. Then we take and cut them in half to 4 foot stakes. When we do this it gives us 24 different stakes. Then we take and drive them into the ground with them slightly slanted inward. Then we take and put some yarn on the stakes to tie them together in a line.

By having these tied in a line it makes it easier for us to have the green bean poles supported, but also makes it easier for the green bean plants to vine up the string. This way it is going to be easier for the plants to have a good base to vine up and keep themselves secure and this will make it quite a bit easier for the plants to stay off the ground. Then we do not have to be concerned about the beans getting on the ground.

Green Beans – A Great And Easy Plant To Grow

Green beans are a great plant to grow and they are very easy to grow as well. However, the thing that you need to realize is we have clay soil here and it is going to be quite a bit harder to plant. By using our tips, though, that are inexpensive you will have an easy to use method to plant the green beans, but also a great way to keep them off the ground. So you do not have to be concerned about the beans getting full of dirt, but also do not have to worry about the beans looking horrible because you were unable to weed around them and keep them clean because they are on the ground.


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