Why Chickens Are A Great Option

May 18, 2013 Tobit Chicken Care

Often when people are looking at getting some birds for their backyard, they will look at finches, or parrots. However, these birds, while they are a great animal to have if you want to have some musical overtones in your yard do not provide you with any eggs. Having farm fresh eggs, though, is one of the main reasons we decided to get chickens at our farm.


Some people will think chickens are not a good option for their yard because they require quite a bit of work. Well, this is a myth and the most you have to work with your chickens is you have to clean out their coop on a regular basis and feed them daily. However, this is most of the work for the most part. You do have to check their water as well, but this is nothing more then taking care of your dog and the cleaning is just like scooping out your cats litter box.


Eggs are a great feature you can get with eggs as well. Normally you would not think about getting eggs because you can easily run to the store and pick them up. However, what you do not realize is these chickens have normally been kept in a cage and are limited on what they can do. With the farm fresh eggs or even the backyard fresh eggs you can start enjoy a great meal and know exactly how the chickens were treated.


Vegetables which are going bad is another thing you can remove from your house. When you notice that your vegetables are starting to go bad, you will find chickens are a great disposer of these items. All you have to do is put this out in their feed bowls when they are going out in the morning and then your chickens will have some supplemental feed and you do not have to worry about any of your produce going to waste.


Pests in the garden can be removed when you have chickens as well. Normally when you have a garden you will end up getting some type of pests in the garden. This is when you should know you can turn your chickens loose in the garden and if you are watching them carefully have them remove the bugs. When you do turn them loose in the garden, though, you have to make sure observe them. If you are not watching the chickens they could easily end up eating your produce and then you would not have any garden fresh vegetables to harvest.



Fresh produce and farm fresh eggs commonly go hand in hand. Some people, though, insist on getting the eggs from the store and not even realize they can get chickens for their backyard. Knowing just how great of an option chickens are, though, you will make sure you get them and will know for certain where all of your food is coming from.









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